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Follow-up project

The CASSANDRA project aims to make container security more efficient and effective.

The project addresses the visibility needs of both business and government in the international flow of containerised cargo by developing a data sharing concept that allows an extended assessment of risks by both business and government.


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Geschrieben von Admin am 12. Apr 2010


INTEGRITY delegation visited Chinese trade lane partners

Shenzhen, China, and Hong Kong were the destinations for the trip of a European INTEGRITY delegation to Asia from March 3rd to 5th. Visits to INTEGRITY partner companies which are based in Asia were scheduled among other issues.

During the trip the INTEGRITY delegation visited the manufactures Harbour Industries, PaTech Industries and Mattel Factory as well as the consolidation centres Cargo Services Far East, AS Watson International Buying Office Fotan and DHL Global Forwarding HK ltd.

Purpose of the visits was the examination of the logistics processes in the factories and consolidation centres in order to facilitate the integration of consignment data in the neutral IT platform “Shared Intermodal Container Information System” (SICIS). SICIS aims at an enhanced visibility of container transports and improved Customs clearance procedures.

The personal contacts between system developers and users achieved during the visits will clearly suport the successful development of SICIS.

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